The WA Government will soon be trucking drinking water into more than a dozen dry towns.

The Victorian Government is looking at turning old coal mines into lakes.

An interstate stoush is emerging between the New South Wales and Queensland Governments over irrigators extracting water from potential river flows.

Remote WA councils are gearing up for a legal fight with the Federal Government over drought funding.

Great Barrier Reef water pollution could threaten rare dolphin populations.

Shark drum lines are making a return to the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.

Indigenous groups do not want the West Australian Government to open up the Fitzroy River to large-scale irrigation.

Scientists have discovered that barramundi exhibit very accurate homing behaviour, travelling up to 80 km to their “home” billabongs after wet season rains.

Deep sea scientists say coral should be a conservation priority.

Over 250 Australian scientists have signed a public statement showing the peer-reviewed links between climate change and bushfires.

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