Queensland and New South Wales have accused the Federal Government of abandoning a popular drought assistance scheme.

A new partnership aims to install specialised 3D-printers on submarines.

Millions have been raised for a new wastewater-to-renewable hydrogen project.

A new study shows deep reefs in Western Australia can be used as a refuge by marine forests from the impacts of ocean warming.

Scientists say shark nets should be replaced by drumlines in Queensland.

The NSW Government has voted down a bill to temporarily stop coal seam gas activity.

The Queensland Government is planning to increase the cost of water by 3.5 per cent next month.

Experts say the overlooked “human factor” in water management rules can have serious consequences.

Australian nuclear scientists have created ultrathin nanosheets that can separate ions from water.

Polluted water running off a mine site in NSW is entering rivers that supply some of Sydney's water.

Authorities have welcomed a wave of interest in building Australia’s first commercial scale hydrogen projects.

Significant refurbishment work has been carried out on one of Brisbane’s largest water supply facilities.

SA Water has announced new recycled water contracts for northern growers.

Communities along the Murray-Darling Basin are calling for the urgent buyback of water.

After two months of more people working from home water system data shows weekday sleep-ins are the new norm.

A study of tiger snakes has raised concerns about water quality.

Victorian water corporations are trialling different ways of providing Traditional Owner access to water and shared benefits.

WA authorities are offering wastewater charge relief for business customers.

The latest climate models show more intense droughts to come.

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