Experts say the coal seam gas industry needs to deal with its salt problem.

SA Water has announced the winners of funding for reservoir partnership schemes.

Queensland is now home to the Southern Hemisphere’s first human-waste-to-energy plant.

A new project has been launched to fight riverbank erosion along the Murray River.

Queensland authorities have announced a project to build a new bridge to improve flood resilience.

A major water efficiency certifier has changed its name.

The Coalition has announced half a billion dollars worth of upgrades for airbases.

A UN report warns humanity is in a ‘spiral of self-destruction’.

Bleached sea sponges have been found in deeper reefs off Tasmania.

Microplastics are finding their way into the food chain.

A mine expansion in NSW is set to run under a vital Sydney water catchment.

Groundwater that supplies Perth is drying up.

Katherine's PFAS water treatment plant will soon be in action.

A study of ice sheets on Greenland could help the search for water in space.

The ALP has pledged to re-establish the National Water Commission and renew the National Water Initiative.

NSW councils have welcomed a new flood support package.

Federal Labor has been criticised by Victoria’s Labor government for its Murray-Darling Basin policy.

Plans to open up a vast swathe of the Northern Territory to agriculture are causing excitement and concern.

Victims of the 2011 Brisbane floods have lost a High Court over findings against dam engineers.

SA Water says a report about the safety of the Whispering Wall dam shows what might happen in only the rarest of scenarios.

Experts say proper monitoring is the first step to reducing carbon emissions in the water sector.

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