TasWater says the Longford Sewage Treatment Plant upgrade is in its final stages. 

Works have started to progressively commission sections of the new Longford Sewage Treatment Plant (STP), the authority says, with the $33 million plant to become fully operational as sections are brought online.

TasWater Project Manager Catherine Thomas says that as part of the project’s advancement, transferring waste to the plant for treatment has begun.

“Town sewage is already being treated through the new plant,” Ms Thomas said.

“Now, we will start transferring waste from the JBS Abattoir to the new plant, which is expected to start on Friday, 12 November 2021.

“Following this transfer, the main lagoon will be emptied and cleaned in preparation for its conversion into temporary storage for treated waste.

“These works may result in some noticeable odour in the area surrounding the STP until the transfer is fully completed.

“This is scheduled to commence on Monday, 22 November 2021 and may take several weeks depending on the amount of material to be removed.”

TasWater will monitor odour to help prevent it from impacting the community, if it arises during this stage.

“One of the benefits of the new plant is that it includes collection and treatment of odour, something that was not possible with the old plant,” Ms Thomas said.

“This means that once the new plant is fully operational it will lead to a reduction of odour on site.”

The new STP will use a technology called Nereda, which should enable TasWater to process sewage more efficiently compared with more conventional treatment methods.

“It will be a more environmentally sustainable plant and future proof Longford’s sewage treatment for years to come,” she said.