Over 100 water utilities have come together under a new Technology Roadmap.

Melbourne Water is presenting its latest waterways report card in a new, digital form.

The South Australian Government has approved drilling on a sacred Aboriginal site.

Dozens of southern bluefin tuna boats are heading to the south-east coastline of South Australia to search for fresh stock.

Over 60 metric tonnes of rock and soil has been removed to protect one of the Sunshine Coast’s most important bulk water pipelines.

The humble lobster may hold the key to making concrete stronger.

Government money will be used to investigate using an underground coal mine for pumped hydro storage.

Energy firm Origin is seeking petroleum leases across 225,000 hectares of one of the world’s biggest free-flowing river systems.

An underrepresented group of engineers are leading a major dam upgrade project on the Sunshine Coast.

Authorities are warning farmers and other water-users about a new water sharing plan rule trigger.

Engineers have come up with a fish transport system that lets them glide over dam walls, weirs and other barriers.

Experts are working on a new, wider definition of sustainability.

Traditional owners have been given rights to a river system for the first time in Victoria’s history.

Australian scientists have come up with a new way to spot coastal ‘bright spots’ and repair marine ecosystems.

Authorities claim the River Murray will continue to flow at maximum capacity over summer to meet demand for water through the system.

New footage has raised new questions about the aggressiveness of sea turtles.

Experts have reflected on the latest 5-year evaluation of the Murray-Darling Basin Plan (MDBP).

Energy firm AGL has been issued a $1 million penalty for polluting a creek in NSW.

CSIRO has gone back over COVID-19 wastewater samples.

Reservoirs and dams in NSW are swelling, but experts say it may not be enough to boost wetland bird numbers.

Authorities are testing technology that can detect trace amounts of pest fish DNA in water samples.

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