An environmental group is seeking Federal support to try to overturn a State pipeline decision on the Macquarie River.

Prime Ministerial hopeful Tony Abbot has had a “vision” of the construction and expansion of dams in the country’s northern region.

Scientists from CSIRO and partners are extending an olive branch of water resource management experience to China and Nepal.

A study has found water buy-backs may be the best way to assure target water volumes will flow in to the Murray-Darling Basin.

The splashback effect of the Government’s battle against Japanese whaling could be destroying bluefin tuna numbers, conservationists say.

Wildlife campaigner Bob Irwin has held a public meeting in Townsville to rally support against developments that threaten the Great Barrier Reef.

The standoff continues between State and Federal Governments on the Murray-Darling Basin Plan.

A Federal Court case continues into the banning of a super trawler, the Commonwealth rejecting claims the ban was improperly executed.

Queensland is reopening the Somerset Spillway Common which had been closed since sustaining damage in the 2011 floods, and is unveiling a plan to transform the Somerset region's network of dams into a natural tourism attraction. 

The Commonwealth is putting down another $10 Million to convince voters to say “Yes” to the Local Government Referendum on 14 September.

The Australian Local Government Association (ALGA) is out with its 2013-14 State of the Regions Report.  And it is calling on the Commonwealth to help local governments mitigate against costly natural disasters.

The federal government has gained the ability to veto coal-seam gas developments in cases where the environement is at threat.

Pesticides are shattering a vital link in the food chain by significantly reducing the populations of Dragonflies.  The effect was found in streams in Germany, France, and Australia.

Act now to bolster properties and infrastructure:  Because the value of low-lying homes in South-East Queensland could take a nasty hit because of rising sea levels and more powerful storms caused by global climate change.

To better protect the Great Barrier Reef, Australia must also pay attention to how to better use and maintain the mainland to prevent further damage to these great ocean treasures.

The United Nations is challenging Australia to do something to protect the Great Barrier Reef from environmental degradation caused in part by costal development.

The Queensland Government is calling on the community of the Gladstone region to submit their views on two new draft water resource plans (WRPs) being prepared for the Boyne River Basin.

The Australian National University (ANU) has launched its new Food Policy Institute, aimed at helping put food on our plates and improving food security across the globe.

Better land use may be the key to preventing further damage to the world’s coral systems, according to a study published by an international research team.

The Federal Government has unveiled a new plan that will see an area almost 80 times the size of the Melbourne Cricket Ground vegetated with native seedlings, shrubs and grasses in the Coorong Lower Lakes Murray Mounth wetlands.

The Queensland Government is seeking feedback on its recently released 30 Year Water Strategy discussion paper.

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