Some CSIRO staff have decided not appear before South Australia's Royal Commission into the Murray-Darling Basin.

Labor says it will tighten CSG regulations to protect water resources, if elected.

Australian water-sensing technology is now in orbit.

The NSW Government says it cannot ban toxic PFAS chemicals.

An audit has found that the Queensland Government is “maximising” its efforts to improve the health of the Great Barrier Reef.

A Senate inquiry has recommended all single-use plastics be banned by 2023.

Samarco and its parent companies BHP and Vale have signed a deal to settle a $7 billion lawsuit.

A scientist has accused the Murray-Darling Basin Authority (MDBA) of “interfering” with his work.

New reports say Adani’s plans to protect pristine desert springs will not work.

Woolworths’ ban on single-use plastic bags starts today.

Job losses in the southern Murray-Darling Basin region are being driven by drought, population decline and ...

Official data suggests some of Australia's poorest communities have been drinking water high in uranium.

The Department of Defence has been slammed at a community meeting in Katherine over the PFAS chemical contamination scandal.

The Northern Australian Infrastructure Facility (NAIF) will fund a $516 million solar/hydro project in far north Queensland.

A review of nearly 2,000 coral reefs has found that marine reserves struggle, but are much better than no protection at all.

Contamination from potentially toxic PFAS chemicals has been found in a 10-square-kilometre plume of groundwater at the Richmond RAAF base in north-west Sydney.

Academics at James Cook University (JCU) are reportedly avoiding using their staff emails after the the sacking of climate change skeptic Peter Ridd.

The NSW Government has been accused of ignoring its obligation to protect the Greater Blue Mountains world heritage area with a plan to heighten the Warragamba Dam.

Economic analysis has found the Northern Territory's coastal and marine environments are worth $2 billion per year ...

Concerns have been raised about a planned sand mine in the New South Wales Southern Highlands.

Research suggests warmer water can reduce the nutritional value of seafood.

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