Some of Australia’s most advanced technology has been used to survey groundwater in NSW.

A new study suggests cyclones are getting more intense.

Australian scientists have shed light on one of the greatest mysteries of the humble eel.

The Tasmanian salmon industry has formed a new alliance to protect its image.

Experts say the Sun may be a major source of water on Earth.

NSW’s dam-building body is celebrating its first birthday.

Progress has been made on a hydrogen development deal with Germany.

Woodside says it is moving ahead with its $16.5 billion Scarborough project off Western Australia.

The Great Barrier Reef has become a surging tempest of sexual activity, with mass coral spawning underway.

Experts say the fishing industry can play a role in reducing plastic pollution, but it has to understand the issue first.

The Bureau of Meteorology says a La Niña has developed in the Pacific Ocean.

Stanford University experts say methane could help make sustainable fish feed.

TasWater has a new CEO.

New research shows ‘atmospheric rivers’ may hasten Australia’s snow melt.

The SA Government has paused plans for a new desalination plant.

The Queensland Government is helping cover cyclone-prone parts of the state.

Melbourne Water has issued a $200 million contract to duplicate the Hobsons Bay Main Sewer.

Melbourne Water has appointed a new managing director.

A farming company has had its giant NT water extraction licence re-confirmed this week.

Queensland water supplier Sunwater has suffered a cybersecurity breach that went undetected for months.

The WA Government says it will raise billions in debt in environmental and social-friendly markets.

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