First listed on: 02 February 2017

About AIMS

The Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS) is Australia's tropical marine research agency.

Our research into some of Australia's iconic marine ecosystems guides their management and that of similar systems around the world. We do marine science that has practical benefit to the real world, providing high quality, large-scale and long-term research that is used by governments, industry and the wider community to make informed decisions about the Great Barrier Reef, North-West Shelf and Arafura and Timor Seas. AIMS researchers at our locations in Townsville, Darwin and Perth have access to the best tools and equipment like the National Sea Simulator, cutting edge laboratories and our fleet of research vessels.

About these Opportunities

We have seven postdoctoral fellowships available for enthusiastic and high-achieving candidates with recent postdoctoral qualifications relevant to marine science. Appointees will have access to research project funding, excellent training opportunities and will work in a multi-disciplinary research team environment to tackle the following projects:

  • Genomic basis of environmental stress tolerance and resilience in corals

Contact: Dr Line Bay (
Position number 640, Townsville, Queensland

  • Drivers of recovery of coral populations and reefs after disturbance

Contact: Dr Katharina Fabricius (
Position number 641, Townsville, Queensland

  • Modelling reef futures

Contact: Dr Ken Anthony (
Position number 642, Townsville, Queensland

  • Effects of sediments on larval ecology of corals and sponges

Contact: Dr Ross Jones (
Position number 643, Townsville, Queensland

  • Hyperspectral imagery for coral reefs and inter-reefal zones

Contact: Melanie Olsen (
Position number 644, Townsville, Queensland

  • Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) navigation in a coral reef environment (in partnership with university collaborators, 2 positions)

Contact: Melanie Olsen (
Position number 645 and 646, Townsville, Queensland

This is an excellent opportunity to join a world leading organisation with a dynamic intellectual environment focussed on innovation, communication and collaboration. Attractive working conditions include a 9-day fortnight, generous leave entitlements, transportation to site, a salary range of $82,160 - $90,382 and 15.4% superannuation. Each postdoctoral position is available for 3 years.

Next Step

Download the application information from our website Candidates are advised that applications must address the selection criteria for the position to be considered. Position enquiries can be directed to the listed scientist.

Applications close Monday 27 February 2017.


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