The Federal Government started work on new environmental laws before the report that was meant to inform them.

The SA Government wants to set up a “game-changing” seaweed farming zone.

Researchers have produced hydrogen from wastewater.

TasWater has applied for a $735 million loan.

British research suggests that man-made noise pollution may be linked to increased risk of disease among fish.

Reports say money for a Queensland dam project has been funnelled to LNP-linked firms.

Local nuclear scientists say a new approach can improve monitoring of contaminants in groundwater.

Past behaviour suggests Australia will experience up to 35 per cent more El Niños, according to new projections.

The scaffolds that help hold together the world’s tropical reefs are at risk from acidification.

Experts have spelled out ways to save Australia’s vital water systems.

Scientists have managed to make a boat float upside down, underneath a layer of liquid.

The Water Minister says buybacks from farmers are over, while investigations show the Murray-Darling system is missing vast amounts of water.

The Federal Government has gagged debate and rushed through its weakening of the important EPBC act.

Ocean acidification is giving corals ‘osteoporosis’.

Experts are looking at ways to manipulate plants to make them more flood-resistant.

New analysis has found where marine heatwaves are most likely to intensify.

Boil water alerts have been lifted for 101 Melbourne suburbs, after a storm potentially contaminated the water supply.

The federal water minister may top up a major drought rebate scheme that has run dry.

Experts are having a new look at the question of exactly where the Earth's water came from.

WaterNSW has been commended for preventing critical damage to essential water supply during the 2019/20 summer bushfires.

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