Researchers have reported the sudden loss of a large ice-covered Antarctic lake that once held more water than Sydney Harbour.

Anger is mounting after the Federal Government opened up oil and gas exploration neater the Twelve Apostles.

Experts say water quality programs have not done much to improve the Great Barrier Reef.

Up to 267 million people worldwide are at risk from sea-level rise.

Experts say the use of submerged cages may be the answer the aquaculture industry is looking for.

The Victorian Government is contributing $14 million to a battery facility and a regional hydrogen hub at university campuses.

Mining magnate Andrew Forrest has slammed plans to develop a new gas field in the Timor Sea.

The federal environment minister has ruled that a giant renewable energy hub in WA is “clearly unacceptable”.

New research shows more than half of the world's rivers run dry at least once a year.

Education programs have secured funding from a NSW water authority.

Miners and farmers are fighting over a 145,000 megalitre water release in Queensland.

UN officials say the Great Barrier Reef should be placed on a list of world heritage sites “in danger”.

The LNP has been divided by a vote on the Murray-Darling Basin Plan.

Whale sharks shed their DNA into seawater via their skin, and researchers are now following this trail to track the mysterious megafauna.

Mining magnate Andrew ‘Twiggy’ Forrest has bought a 7.33 per cent stake in Tasmanian salmon company Huon Aquaculture.

The Chinese government has acknowledged there are damaged fuel rods in a reactor at a nuclear plant near Hong Kong, days after denying the incident.

A new strategy seeks to both protect and profit from areas within 50km of the ocean.

Experts have identified a giant prehistoric croc that prowled south-east Queensland’s waterways millions of years ago.

New South Wales authority Hunter Water is joining with local councils to future-proof regional water supplies.

Satellite studies have revealed seasonal changes and sources of microplastics in the ocean.

A new study finds crayfish can be affected by antidepressants that find their way into water.

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