An incredible nineteen shires in regional Queensland have joined the drought declared list, bringing the total drought-affected area to just under half the state.

Victorian researchers have plumbed the depths around one of Australia’s most recognisable geological formations and discovered an unseen world of marine beauty.

Traditional owners of lands in central Queensland have called on the state’s Natural Resources Minister to consult with them before moving ahead with changes to the management of the state’s rivers.

An artificial flood will provide a vital helping-hand to the world’s second largest red gum forest.

The Federal Government has put up $100 million for the fourth round of the On-Farm Irrigation Efficiency Program.

Halliburton will plead guilty to destroying evidence related to the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, according to the US Justice Department.

Most people do their best to avoid large concentrations of methane, but a new form of microbial life recently discovered at the University of Queensland can not get enough of the potent greenhouse gas.

Research at CSIRO has yielded the ground-breaking double benefit of preserving wild fish stocks and improving the viability and environmental aspects of prawn farming.

South Australia will nearly double its normal water entitlements after flows to the Murray River increased to 8,000 megalitres this week.

A study undertaken by the University of New South Wales has modelled the impacts of an approved plan to pump water from the Macquarie River to the city of Orange, finding greatly increased risks to river health than were identified in the project’s environmental assessment.

After years of counting every drop, residents of the Yass Valley in NSW have had their water restrictions lifted.

A US jet fighter has offloaded some unarmed bombs off the coast of Australia, jettisoning its ordinance uncomfortably close to the Great Barrier Reef for many.

Radioactive water is leaking from the broken Fukishima nuclear power plant into the Pacific Ocean, with rumours now confirmed by the plant’s operator.

Researchers will use some novel techniques to assess the state of Australia’s inland rivers, and determine what might result from over-extraction of groundwater in the future.

Greenpeace is accusing a Chinese state-owned mining company of massive damage to Mongolian water systems, allegedly sucked dry by the unquenchable coal-mining effort.

Investigations have led to charges for several Queensland mining operators, after it was found they had improperly dumped wastewater into local systems.

Twenty environmental groups have joined forces to demand the Victorian Government conduct an independent study to inform its new waterways strategy, but the state says it can do its own science.

An ancient tooth found in a riverbed near Gippsland has led to the discovery of a pre-historic water-dwelling reptile.

Scientists may have found a use for UV lights other than faculty rave parties, with researchers trialling the use of LEDs to keep turtles out of fishing nets.

Western Australia will be the site of a new tidal energy trial, seeking to harness the power of waves for human use.

Four coal mines were given permission to release their legacy water into Queensland river catchments last November, now the Deputy Premier says they will all be allowed to dump excess water.

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