Tasmania’s public sector union says the location of government departments should not be decided by politicians.

Linc Energy is facing allegations it caused environmental damage, but allowed operations to continue.

Perth schools will flush their drinking water pipes in response to lead contamination concerns.

A new study says a main component of fertiliser is reaching dangerously high levels in freshwater basins.

Researchers are receiving data from a giant network of acoustic sensors to find out how climate change might affect sea animal behaviour.

CSIRO has partnered with ocean technology start-up, Saildrone, to improve measurement and monitoring in Australian waters and the Southern Ocean.

Oceanic plastic pollution is spreading microbes to coral reefs that greatly increase the chance of coral disease.

A mine rehab expert has questioned the findings of NT’s fracking review.

The LGAQ says the Federal Government is falling behind councils in protecting the Great Barrier Reef.

A new survey suggests algae has negatively affected migratory bird numbers in at the mouth of the Murray.

Satellite data suggests Great Barrier Reef bleaching has started early this year.

Millions has been spent on Great Barrier Reef projects that could make the issues worse.

Environmentalists say the Federal Government’s strategy to protect endangered plants and animals is “deeply inadequate” ...

A review of SA marine parks has come up inconclusive.

New analysis shows 2017 was among the warmest three years on record – the other two being 2015 and 2016.

NSW government authorities have approved a contentious coal mine, despite a “guarantee” against coal mining in the region.

The Cloncurry Shire has built a new trial site to test treated effluent for agriculture.

Rising carbon dioxide appears to be acidifying freshwater.

Conservationists say the SA Government should not allow an underground coal gasification project ...

A Queensland tourism lobby leader has described a leading Great Barrier Reef researcher as “a dick”.

Researchers in Tasmania are looking for a way to estimate krill populations based on sound.

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