Environmentalists are celebrating a decision by building giant Lend Lease to pull out of the planned expansion of a Queensland coal port.

The approval of a coal mine on the New South Wales central coast has become embroiled in controversy; accusations of corruption and broken promises.

A surprising allegiance has continued between environmentalists, the Federal Government and Coca-Cola, which is aimed at reducing cane farm chemical run-off into the Great Barrier Reef.

Tough times for parts of Western Australian aquaculture, with reports that some scallop farms will face another year of nothing.

Two members of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority board have been cleared from conflict of interest accusations, after approval for dredge dumping was given by men with links to mining companies.

Tuna fishing zones in the Western and Central Pacific are being slammed by international fleets seeking the swimming gold.

The Federal Government has announced the details of its long-awaited assistance package for drought-affected farmers in Queensland and NSW.

Japan is beginning to turn a corner after the Fukushima nuclear disaster in 2011, releasing its first energy policy since the event and allowing some residents to return to their homes in evacuated areas.

Some of the strongest opponents to coal mine developments have agreed to work with mining giant BHP Billiton on exploration assessments.

The New South Wales Government has fast-tracked approvals for a proposed coal seam gas project at Narrabri.

A stoush is unfolding in South Australia, where the Opposition has called on the State Government to explain why it has not secured around $100 million for farmers.

Several New South Wales councils have reported good results from a high-tech upgrade to their water meters, pushing more locals to get into digital monitoring.

One of the world’s largest engineering firms has secured a contract to re-design the water infrastructure of an entire country.

The seemingly imminent repeal of the carbon tax is being prevented while Labor and the Greens hold the balance of power in the federal Senate, and new research has investigated how the efforts to end the carbon price may be hurting energy investments.

A reversal of events means some South Australian farmers are now battling floodwaters just weeks after their properties were burned in bushfires.

Engineers have created a tiny battery and sensor, no bigger than a grain of rice, which holds enough power to track the long migratory path of salmon.

Queensland’s Minister for Natural Resources says he will not slow down in his push to release more water to the state’s north.

The bottle gourd has revealed itself to be a globe-trotting explorer, crossing the Atlantic Ocean several times to find work as a water-carrying device for early humans.

A trial site has seen successful tests for a new way to desalinate water, making it drinkable for about half the cost of traditional methods.

Corruption investigations have led to the director of the NSW government-owned State Water Corporation stepping down.

Researchers are working on a highly-mobile new robot with some astounding aquatic abilities.

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