The Federal Government has announced a $76 million project to improve water quality in the ACT.

Murray River irrigators want water delivery charges to be added to the price of water.

After seven years and $18 million, traditional owners say the old Rum Jungle uranium mine is still wreaking havoc on water resources.

Scientists have known for years that there is water inside the moon, and they now say they know where it comes from.

Coal mining has “stuffed” a World Heritage-protected lake system south-west of Sydney, according to new research.

All references to Australia have been removed from a UN report on climate change, due to fears for the Great Barrier Reef’s reputation.

An innovative new flood gate design but Queensland students is on its way to mass production.

Federal Environment Minister Greg Hunt says the Government will attempt to clean up toxic contaminants from the Williamtown Air Force Base.

A high-tech sewage treatment plant will soon process waste at one of the most remote places on the planet.

Remote WA communities say their drinking water supplies are contaminated with deadly bacteria and chemicals.

The Greens are breaking into Nationals territory, finding friends among farmers who say they are being ignored.

A new report offers a glimmer of hope to those managing the impact of bleaching on the Great Barrier Reef.

Research suggests plants are highly aware of the world around them.

There are concerns this week that Tasmania’s Basslink power cable will not be fixed by its scheduled completion date.

Researchers say current models underestimate the effect of burning the world’s remaining fossil fuels.

Aboriginal elders are bringing their concerns about nuclear waste dump plans directly to the federal minister.

BP's plan to search for oil in the Great Australian Bight has failed again, but it is unlikely to stop trying.

A new study suggests a coal spill on the Great Barrier Reef could bring grave consequences.

New fossils suggest large multi-celled life appeared on Earth about 1 billion years earlier than previously thought.

Farmers in North Queensland say they will not let the Federal Government forget its water infrastructure pledges.

Rainfall in north-eastern Victoria has provided some respite for the 900 kilometres of the Murray River beset by blue-green algae.

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