Queensland councils are joining forces to improve water and sewage assets.

Activists say Adani is being allowed to take too much water.

The warming ocean has led to coral growth off Tasmania.

Nanoparticles from green mango peel could be used to clean up oil sludge.

The Murray–Darling Basin Authority (MDBA) has published a list of legislation and plans in a new central location.

Melbourne residents are being told to steer clear of certain rivers.

Experts say highly saline flows from the Sydney Desalination Plant will not affect surrounding marine life as commonly believed.

Australian researchers have designed a nano-filter that can clean dirty water over 100 times faster than current technology.

The tide of excitement about wave energy could be on its way out.

The Federal Government has ruled Adani does not need a full environmental impact assessment to extract 12.5 billion litres ...

The owners of a longwall mining operation have been ordered to fix a damaged creek in NSW.

Experts say politics are putting marine species at risk.

A New South Wales coal mine has been accused of taking much more surface water than it is entitled to.

The Great Barrier Reef Foundation expects to spend more than $7 million on administration this financial year.

WaterNSW has made a new deal to transfer water more efficiently along the River Murray.

Environmental concern has clouded the launch of a hazardous waste dump in southern Tasmania.

Australian researchers have come up with a metal strip that can remove impurities like dyes and heavy metals from water.

Environmental authorities are investigating claims that Adani dug bores without permission.

Engineers will soon deploy a rubbish-collection device for the giant rubbish patch in the Pacific Ocean.

A car has been removed after almost a month submerged in an SA town’s water supply.

Authorities are using satellites to keep track of river flows in the northern Murray–Darling Basin in a bid to guard against water theft.

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