Queensland’s Cubbie Station has opened its gates in an attempt to improve its damaged reputation.

A Queensland town is offering free water to struggling communities, if they can come and get it.

The mass of Greenland’s ice cap melt has been measured by satellites.

Details have been revealed about two chemical leaks from metals processor Nyrstar into Port Pirie's groundwater.

A leading water researcher says government water reforms have worsened the effects of the drought.

Australia’s largest ever class action has been launched over PFAS contamination.

Maritime safety authorities are investigating claims that a Bundaberg whale-watching vessel has been operating without a licence.

Adelaide has the highest methamphetamine use of all cities surveyed in a new report.

The National Carp Control Plan (NCCP) will soon make recommendations about the release of carp herpes virus.

Cold ocean waters are welcomed by beachgoers in the heat of summer, but may in fact be corroding coastal ecosystems.

Australian scientists have found a new way to develop drought-resilient crops.

Scientists have studied the broad importance of krill – one of the animals lowest on the food chain.

Mackay’s water has been judged Australia’s best drop.

The ACCC has set the goalposts for its new water inquiry.

The MDBA has released images of dams being filled during a pumping embargo.

A high-profile lawyer has been flown into Australia as a new list of PFAS-contaminated sites emerges.

The Federal Water Minister has announced the Native Fish Emergency Response Plan for the 2019–20 Summer ...

The promised Snowy Hydro 2.0 project has been described as “too expensive” by a leading energy expert.

The Federal Government has been warned that intervention in the water market could have “dire consequences”.

New funding means residents of Euchareena in New South Wales will no longer pay thousands of dollars a year to truck water into their town.

An analysis of wastewater has revealed socioeconomic links to diet and drug consumption.

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