One of the last hurdles for dredging near the Great Barrier Reef is being approached today, with the main authority in charge of the marine park set to make its decision on the potentially destructive plan.

One large cattle station has become the site of the latest major conservation project in the Northern Territory.

A major hub has been opened which will see many of the world’s leading experts working close to Antarctica, basking in the relative comfort of Hobart.

CSIRO researchers are using smart yellow sticks to see what makes the Indian Ocean tick.

Careful planning and tricky timing may be the keys to reducing the risk of floods, according to a new research project.

One of the key figures behind implementation of water policy in the Murray-Darling Basin has been awarded for her efforts.

The Victorian Government is talking to residents about their wishes for the state’s water plan, but many who want a say think the talks should be delayed.

A new program will take trainees across land and sea to learn how to care for both environments.

There may be no federal money for the proposed Needles Gap dam.

Engineers Australia has welcomed the Federal Government’s Commission of Inquiry into a large-scale dredging project spill in Queensland.

Developers are keen to get underway on a $2 billion agricultural project, but some locals say it cannot be done.

A group of Australian university researchers are conducting a check-up on the health of freshwater catfish, looking for evidence that Australian wild fish are still free from a bacterium found in imported specimens.

The Commonwealth Environmental Water Holder has announced it will sell water back to farmers in parts of northern NSW.

One man is leading the charge for the Federal Government funding to build a large dam in the central western region of New South Wales

The Western Australian Premier says strong opposition to the state’s shark culling plan will not stop it going ahead, but it has made local fisherman hesitant to bid for tenders to help the killing.

Science has continued its habit of stealing the best bits from nature, this time using a nice bit of squid design for a new way to balance vision and fact.

There has been some interest in a plan to build a large-scale wave energy farm off the coast of Victoria.

The release of millions in funding to help Queensland farmers save water has been roundly welcomed.

A huge Integrated Food and Energy Development (IFED) has been declared a “state co-ordinated project” in Queensland, with residents soon able to have their say on the plan that will consume over half a million megalitres from a nearby river.

Australian scientists have found a record of a long-term climate pattern locked within layers of coral, which has shown that the Great Barrier Reef is influenced by more factors than previously thought.

Over two hundred marine scientists have come out against a New South Wales State Government plan to permanently allow recreational fishing in environmentally sensitive areas.

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