Federal and state governments have not begun to deliver a promised $280 million concessional loan program for farmers.

The divining rod has been replaced by a digital equivalent, with the launch of an internet database for groundwater monitoring.

A new source will supply gigalitres of water to mines in some of Australia’s harshest country.

Western Australia’s shark culling trial ends this week, but the state is trying to extend it for three more years.

A team of chemical engineers is working on a way to reduce an entire water safety testing lab into a single pill.

Researchers are investigating whether coal seam gas (CSG) activity could be causing methane seeps in Queensland.

New Zealand is helping out its Pacific neighbours by supporting the construction of the region’s largest solar panel array.

West Australian builders are looking at a new project which could cut the death toll from shark attacks near beaches.

Japan will hunt whales again, after it announced a ‘redesign’ of its ‘scientific’ slaughter.

An expert in water management policy has launched an investigation of one state’s policies and practice, while water bills continue to rise.

Adelaide’s water bills are officially “the highest of all comparable Australian water utilities”, and a new report blames the SA government.

The New South Wales State Water department has embarked on an overhaul of its IT systems, bringing cohesion to improve services for its 6300 licensed water users.

Research has revealed a new way to gauge sea-level changes and deep-sea temperature changes over the past 5.3 million years.

One US city has dumped millions of litres of drinking water after a local teenager was spotted urinating in the supply.

There is speculation this week that the Federal Government will look to axe a major water policy advisory body in the effort to cut costs.

State, federal and local government authorities have toured cyclone-hit regions of north Queensland in the wake of the weekend deluge, with funding packages announced and rolling-out for thousands of residents.

Sydney water authorities have tried out a new set of sensors to gauge the health of waterways, turning to a natural alarm to check for contamination.

The hand-picked team tasked with assessing the federal government’s Direct Action climate change plan says it will not work.

Public sector insiders say a push is on to save billions by squeezing all government functions into “super departments”.

Studies have shown decades after the end of large-scale sperm whaling, their numbers are yet to recover.

Australian researchers have sought to find out just how clean our recycled water is.

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