Two billion pixels have come together to form the most comprehensive three-dimensional view of Australia ever.

Two summers of dry conditions have forced the New South Wales Government to implement contingency water plans.

Australian scientists have used an underwater robot to show that Antarctic sea ice may be thicker than previously thought.

There is very little support for the Queensland Government’s plan to deregulate water for mining companies.

The Water Industry Alliance (WIA) has a new Board of Directors.

Dry times have brought water restrictions to what was Australia’s wettest town.

Geoscience Australia has been recognised for its incredible work to strengthen community disaster resilience through advanced mapping and warning projects.

The story of a beached whale, an expensive clean-up and an angry council has taken a bizarre turn.

Coral spawning has been used to judge the potential effects of dredge spoil and pesticide pollution on marine environments.

Funds are flowing at the NSW Government’s water companies, with profits up nearly $140 million.

Japan will kill just 333 minke whales in the Southern Ocean next year, after it unveiled its reduced whaling “research” programme.

Concrete action to boost the resilience of the Great Barrier Reef has been showcased on a global stage.

Australian companies have been well represented at METS – a huge trade exhibition of equipment, materials and systems for the marine leisure industry.

Work on Australia’s largest mine ever will be underway long before its impacts are understood, reports say.

University of Canberra will embark on a $2.8 million research project to monitor the effects of water delivery in the Murray Darling Basin.

WorkSafe Western Australia says cyclone season is coming, and businesses should be prepared to bear the brunt.

NASA says the Earth is running out of water, and it will require a worldwide shift in thinking to recover.

A new compensation scheme has been opened for NSW farmers, which will see the state opened up for new coal seam gas (CSG) mining licences.

South Australia's Environment Department says plans to ensure water flows by dredging the mouth of the River Murray could be in action before the end of the year.

A new report shows industry professionals overwhelmingly support recycled drinking water as a way to ensure future supply security.

Tasmanian researchers have launched a commercial-viability test of equipment that can capture endless supplies of clean energy from the ocean.

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