Nine new permits have been awarded for offshore oil exploration around Australia.

A major environmental group has joined with the water industry in urging Queenslanders to put down the plastic bottle and turn on a tap.

Irrigators in NSW are not impressed by the sudden scrapping of the state’s Water Commissioner.

The man in charge of enhancing the stormwater systems of regional West Australian communities says local councils need to plan for future water needs.

A huge flood began in Victoria this week but luckily, it was intentional.

One tiny island nation in the Pacific is having its lack of clean water addressed by the life-saving work of an independent Australian aid group.

Despite efforts to avoid it, millions of dollars in budget cuts will force CSIRO to close down several sites for world-leading research.

Researchers have released ground-breaking findings to dismiss a common theory of biodiversity, and could change the way some environments are managed.

The operators of a large CSG exploration project are getting around to shutting down their leaking storage pond, after being fined several months ago.

The world’s polluted atmosphere means plants are becoming less nutritious, and risk losing some key ingredients altogether.

The Federal Environment Minister has defended his decision to give state governments more power over mining approvals.

Community complaints have forced one mining company to check for contaminated water near its Bendigo mine site.

The River Murray will drop to low levels for a few weeks this winter, as work is carried out on the Mildura weir.

Representatives from all interested parties have raised their voices about the state of water licences allocation laws in the Northern Territory.

An industry body has warned that mining and processing natural gas in giant offshore factories will cost thousands of onshore Australian jobs.

Japan's Industry Ministry has given a glimpse of the soil-freezing technique it hopes will stop the spread of a radioactive material from the Fukushima nuclear disaster site.

A high-tech road show is making its way across the Northern Territory, bringing futuristic methods to ancient practices.

An independent inquiry has found environmental conditions on a central Queensland port expansion were virtually meaningless.

New Australian research has added some detail to the world’s ocean, air and climate maps.

Big moves in funding pools have upset the flow of water-related funding in the federal budget.

An Australian expert has put forth a proposal that could protect the nation from water scarcity for generations.

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