Authorities want better protections for groundwater around the mothballed Ben Lomond mine.

The $25 billion Australia Pacific LNG project in Queensland is driving Origin Energy revenue, despite weak prices.

Hydro Tasmania has been hit hard by the state’s energy crisis...

Google has provided $5 million to see a new generation of Australian brainchildren come to life.

Glaciologists say hundreds of metres of solid ice were lost from West Antarctica’s glaciers between 2002 and 2009.

Robots scanning the seabed have stumbled on a stunning set of ancient shipwrecks.

Dentists are again calling on the regional city of Cairns to fluoridate its water.

Landholders say illegal levees and dams are posing a significant flood risk in southern New South Wales.

The NT water controller wants to know why dozens of water licence holders are using only a small portion of their allocation.

The Queensland Government will spend $15 million on dam feasibility studies that it says Barnaby Joyce is avoiding.

A locally-designed starfish-hunting death machine has opened fire on the Great Barrier Reef.

The Queensland Resources Minister says gas is the “fuel of the future”.

The Victorian Government released a new $500 million water management framework.

Rural Darwin residents have voiced concerns about Northern Territory Government plans to monitor private water bores.

Analysts claim Queensland’s coal mines will be granted $100 million worth of free groundwater.

The Defence Department is checking more areas for the presence of toxic fire-fighting foams.

The Snowy Mountains Hydro Scheme has been heritage listed.

Large water-bound turbines are being tested in Tasmania’s Tamar River.

An Australian science writer says women can fix the big challenges our planet faces.

A NSW council has rushed to apologise after taking two years to warn residents of water contamination.

The Murray Darling Basin Authority (MDBA) has painted a grim picture of job losses due to water buy backs in Queensland and NSW.

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