Investigators say a string of construction and design flaws led to last year’s fatal Samarco mine disaster in Brazil.

Airservices Australia says investigators are assessing the impact of toxic firefighting chemicals at airports nationwide.

Experts estimate the Great Artesian Basin contributes over $12 billion to the Australian economy each year.

Queensland Government officials are working desperately to avoid letting massive mine storage ponds leak heavy metals into the Murray-Darling system.

Parts of rural NSW are having their water restrictions removed and desalination plant turned off.

New appointments to a backbench environment committee are causing a stir.

The Australian Institute of Marine Rescues (AIMR) says shark nets and drum lines are indiscriminately killing marine life within protected areas.

Victoria will ban exploration and development of unconventional gas, including coal seam gas and fracking.

A large oil spill in Darwin Harbour has authorities scrambling to respond.

Humans appear to have slowed down the rate at which they are destroying the planet.

Environmentalists have delivered a petition to ban single-use plastic bags at Victoria’s Parliament House.

Elephant seals have helped confirm that fresh water from Antarctic’s melting ice shelves affect global temperatures.

Fisheries Queensland is investigating a shark net contractor over allegations of ‘finning’.

TasWater will remove all “boil water” and “do not consume” alerts...

The Queensland Government has decreased new land valuations on properties near a contaminated aviation base.

Adani has defeated the latest legal challenge to its planned Carmichael coal mine.

Queensland researchers have filmed a particular coral bleaching behaviour for the first time.

A mass gastro outbreak in New Zealand has been blamed on contaminated water.

NSW residents are outraged at the approval of a gold mine they say puts their water supply at risk.

New flows on the Darling River have reached the town of Pooncarie.

US researchers are working on a water disinfection device that can rapidly kill bacteria using light alone.

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