Australia’s environmental performance is down this week, but it looks like corruption is rising.

The response to community fears over shark attacks in NSW has been delayed.

The Local Government Association of the Northern Territory‘s president is outraged that NT has been left out of federal funding.

An Austrian designer has come up with a bike-mounted water bottle that fills itself with water from the air.

Experts say using water properly could make Australian cities cooler and more environmentally-friendly.

A new report says renewable energy could be the key to getting much-needed water supplies to farmers.

Reports say the owner of a recently spilled Brazilian iron ore dam received numerous danger warnings months before the walls broke.

The chance of industrial action against the water provider in far west New South Wales is rising.

The Federal Government has updates its Species of National Environmental Significance Database to include higher-definition maps.

The New South Wales Government has expanded its Resources for Regions program, but local governments may not be too excited.

Parks Victoria has been cleared of claims it is polluting Melbourne’s Yarra River.

In a stunning display of the resilience of life, a small animal that was frozen solid for more than 30 years has been brought back to life and even produced new babies.

Plans to introduce fluoridate to water supplies in north West Australia have led to a backlash from residents.

New analysis says dredging plastic waste from coastal locations may be the most efficient way to clean it up.

Water quality problems in a single city have become a major political issue in the US, with even the President drawn in to the debate.

Farmers that rely on Tasmania’s Mersey River for irrigation are rising up against a 50 per cent cut to their allocations.

The NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) could take regulatory action over a dam overflow incident at a major mine.

South Australia’s Liberal Opposition says wastewater is being dumped at sea to save money.

Chevron has marked a milestone for its Gorgon offshore gas project.

A rural depression support group has increased pressure on the Tasmanian Government to declare a drought.

Legal action could be taken over the Broken Hill region's water shortage.

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