Scientists have discovered a non-oxygen breathing animal, shaking up long-held assumptions about life on Earth.

The Federal Government will spend millions buying water from a company it has been criticised for buying from before.

A pension fund owned by the Canadian Government is becoming the largest private owner of water entitlements in the Murray-Darling Basin.

Equinor has become the third major fossil fuel producer to scrap plans to drill for oil in the Great Australian Bight.

Researchers are looking to steal the water-purifying ability of mangrove trees.

Experts say more than a quarter of the world’s oceans are in urgent need of conservation.

High temperatures are adding more stress to the Great Barrier Reef.

Engineers have created a soft-fingered robot to gently handle jellyfish.

Melting ice from Antarctica could add up to half a metre to sea level rise this century.

A Townsville scientist is investigating ways to produce corals for restoring and maintaining healthy reefs.

Residents of the bushfire-ravaged Bega Valley have become the latest to rely on carted water.

Parts of NSW’s Barwon River are running for the first time in almost a year.

Reports say state bureaucrats consulted big cotton farmers to justify allowing them to harvest rainfall ...

The Federal Government has funded a giant plastic-shredder to help clean up polluted oceans.

Water restrictions are being relaxed across greater Sydney, but the Greens say the decision is irresponsible.

Modelling suggests a cost-effective and practical method can be used to protect underground pipelines.

Parts of the ocean off the Tasman Peninsula are warming at a faster rate than the global average, pushing ecosystems to the brink.

Australian researchers have created a new material that can reduce CO2 emissions from crude oil refinement.

The NSW Government has given the green light to irrigators to harvest rainfall, angering downstream residents.

The Queensland Government has rushed amendments to allow work to reduce the height of the Paradise Dam.

Towns running out of water have welcomed a deluge of rain in NSW – but many are still missing out.

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