Australian engineers say greater efficiency will flow from improved electric motors.

A simple yet powerful Australian water treatment technology will be brought to the global market.

A report from an anti-coal community environment group says mines in the Hunter Valley use too much water.

A fisheries study has shown that the noise a vessel makes can attract invasive pest species.

NASA says satellites can predict massive floods nearly a year before they occur.

New research has shown that some environmental improvements do not occur in a vacuum, and can flow-on to benefit outside their intended sphere.

Experts say water policy is lagging behind our knowledge of the changing climate.

An unlikely saviour has emerged for an important government body aimed at bringing more renewable energy to Australia.

The phrase “safe as houses” means little for residents of one Adelaide suburb, who have had to evacuate ahead of the demolition of homes after a toxic contaminant was found.

Change is on the wind, and scientists say it could have impacts beyond previous predictions.

Traditional owners in the Gibson Desert could host a nuclear waste dump previously intended for Muckaty Station.

Sydney Water has selected its wireless water-metering systems for new installations, announcing the award of an ongoing tender this week.

Leading scientists say that with dams dropping, El Nino looming and clear long-term threats from climate change, now is a terrible time to scrap key bodies overseeing water reform.

Freedom-of-information documents have shown that sediment impacts from dredging works in Queensland would be beyond the range of computer models, but it was approved regardless.

Queensland Health is launching a study into the state’s water supply quality, looking for ways to reduce the future risk of legionella outbreak.

Suspicion has been raised over the activities of one state government water body, with accusations of sketchy funding and hiring practices.

The Murray-Darling Basin Authority has released its round-up of key priorities for the river system in the year ahead.

CSIRO employees are seeking urgent talks with Industry Minister Ian MacFarlane, hoping to preserve hundreds of jobs.

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